April 2011 Issue

The Port Side‘s fourth issue of the 2010-2011 school year was published on April 21, 2011.
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The Last Stagthena by Alex Heiney

Campus Section

Writing for the Real World by Sara Stern

Plagiarism in Paradise by Jon Rice

Everyday Extremism: Part III by Sara Birkenthal

Defining Consent by Summer Dowd-Lukesh

National Section

Broken Budgets and Busted Unions by Sam Kahr

Cuts for California’s Colleges by Anna Pickrell

The Revolving Door by Quinn Chasan

Swastika Showdown by Russell M. Page

International Section

Another Decade, Another Billion by Shriya Manasvini Ravishankar

Famished and Foodless by Manassinnee Moottatarn

Can Oil Save the Day? by Samantha Morse

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