December 2010 Issue

The Port Side‘s second issue of the 2010-2011 school year was published on December 3, 2010.

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Where Picket Signs Go To Die by Michelle Kahn

Campus Section

Inside the Claremont Closet by Kimberly Ngai

Policies in Transition by Veronica Salas

Picking on Plato by Wendy Qian

Majoring in the Middle East by Shree Pandya

Everyday Extremism by Sara Birkenthal

National Section

The Oakland Riots, in Retrospect by Danielle Holstein

Mom, Apple Pie, and the Homies by Rolando Gutierrez

The Legacy of “Liquid Cocaine” by Anna Pickrell

International Section

Is Multiculturalism Dead? by Manassinee Moottatarn

Green with Economic Envy by Samantha Morse

Dirty Governments by Derek Ha

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Jeremy B. Merrill is a senior reporter and the web editor emeritus of the Claremont Port Side. He hails from North Carolina. He is a Philosophy and Linguistics dual major and a senior at CMC. He's on Twitter as @jeremybmerrill.

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