May 2010 Issue

Click here to read our May issue, the final print edition of the school year, online. Hard copies will be distributed throughout the Claremont Colleges today. To read about the demise of the proposed 7-Eleven on Foothill/Mills, a 5C group demanding “transit justice,” and, of course, political pornography, grab one at newsstands everywhere.

Campus Articles

My Crazy, Undocumented “Uncle”, by Michelle Lynn Kahn

Dispelling Spellman Rumors, by Chris Eldred and Nicholas Rowe

Why Didn’t the Student Cross the Road? by Jeremy B. Merrill

Bandwagon Activism by Mark Munro and Ashley Scott

Some Parting Words, by David Nahmias

National Articles

Immigration History 101, by Russell M. Page

Parsing Political Pornos, by David A. Martinez

Taxation Without Representation, by Jonathan O. Hirsch

Move Your Money Hits Potholes, by Max Schiller

International Articles

Constructing Middle East Peace, by Rachel Brody

A Short-Lived Romance, by Chris Eldred

From Aftershocks to Afterthoughts, by Veronica Pugin

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