October 2010 Issue

The Port Side‘s first issue of the 2010-2011 was published on October 25, 2010.

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“Somebody’s Gonna Get Shot” by Michelle Lynn Kahn

Campus Section

Roofies and Rumors: If it wasn’t for date rape, would Stags ever get laid? by Samantha Morse

The Committed Among Us: For ROTC cadets in Claremont, war hits close to home by Eliot Adams

The Greenest of Them All? Why CMC and Mudd beat Pitzer in sustainability rankings by Sara Birkenthal

Engineering Gender Balance: For the first time, women outnumber men in Harvey Mudd’s freshman class by Russell Page

Game(s) Over: Pitzer Beirut ban shows problems with policy, perspective by Jonathan Rice

Connecting Claremont: Critics say new rail expansion will help rich, hurt poor by Anna Pickrell

National Section

Profiles in Crazy: Five of this election season’s most eccentric candidates by Brian Sutter

Reading the Tea Leaves: The Tea Party must brew a new path forward by Quinn Chasan

Tea, the People: A closer look at the Constitution is both “necessary and proper” by Nick Herzeca

International Section

Underwater, But Under-covered: Why Pakistan’s political instability deters flood relief by Manassinee Moottatarn

Interfaith Interaction: Global dialogue builds bridge for religiously tolerant future by Andy Willis

Global Warming, a Scapegoat?: With Russia ablaze, easy blame detracts from real causes by Danielle Holstein

Simulating Mideast Peace: IR class schools students in Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy by Wendy Qian

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Jeremy B. Merrill is a senior reporter and the web editor emeritus of the Claremont Port Side. He hails from North Carolina. He is a Philosophy and Linguistics dual major and a senior at CMC. He's on Twitter as @jeremybmerrill.

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