Lend a Hand: How Nonprofits will Navigate the Post-pandemic World

The relevance of the nonprofit sector is growing, especially with the end of the global pandemic in view. Nonprofit services help to provide aid to the communities that they serve. At the same time, they also inspire transformation among their

Why Many People Still Believe COVID-19 Isn’t Real

It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and while we’ve made some progress and had some little wins, it seems like most of the world is back to square one. Different countries are under some form of

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Practice Tips When Your Kids Play Different Instruments

Practicing music can provide lifelong benefits for children, even if they do not become masters at the instrument they play. Playing at least one instrument in childhood can help kids develop their self-expression, creativity, discipline, and brainpower. And when they continue

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Teaching Your Child Consent and Respecting Personal Space

Unless the concept of personal space and respecting others have been instilled at a young age, most children are too fixated on having fun. While there’s no problem in having a good time and letting your children learn from playing,

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Blended Learning: Is Online Education Here to Stay After COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted different aspects of life around the globe, including education. Governments have ordered lockdown restrictions and stay-at-home orders, which means students can no longer attend school. As of April 29, 195 countries have implemented school and university


The Significance of Creativity in Children’s Development

People often wonder the most significant trait of a person, and their choices usually fall between technical skills, strength, and intelligence. However, these answers miss the mark entirely because the quality that allows a person to surpass any challenge is

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Reasons Music is Important to You

When you listen to music or play it, it does something inside of you. Something intangible wells up and you start becoming a better person because of it. Music has an intrinsic value that one can’t measure. That is why

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