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Exercising Caution Every Day: Why It Matters

Though death is a fact of life, there are times when it feels like it could be prevented. For the lowest of the low, you have those that are committed out of spite, anger, or any malicious motive. These are

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Elements of a Malicious Prosecution Case

People are now quite knowledgeable about their rights. While this is a good thing, a few people are abusing the law to bring malicious claims against others. You thus might find yourself dragged to court one of these days as

The Significance of the Due Process of Law

The government should serve its people, ensuring that they uphold fundamental human rights and meet their needs. One way the government can fulfill this is by respecting the due process of law. The due process of law requires every legal

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Alimony: How It Works in Divorce Proceedings

A divorce is a rough journey, especially with fault grounds. These could affect how you’d deal with issues of child custody, property division, and spousal support or alimony (a.k.a. “maintenance” in some states). If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are

No-Fault Divorce or a Fault Divorce? What You Need to Know

Fault and no-fault divorce are among the many types of divorce. To get an overview, a fault divorce is when one party accuses the other of committing marital misconduct, while a no-fault divorce is when the married couple agrees to end

Navigating the Complicated Divorce Process

A messy divorce forces you to undergo a lot of unexpected adjustments in your life. Your ties with your partner's friends and families will change within a short time. However, your children are the ones who will suffer the most

Two Cars Involved In Traffic Accident

Car Collisions: Can Self-driving Cars Blame Humans?

When a self-driving car collides into another self-driving car in a comparative fault state like Washington, who is liable? Compared to a car accident involving just human drivers, accidents that occur between self-driving cars include a different set of factors

Family Lawyer

When Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

It has often been said that the family is the basic unit of society. Hence, it is no surprise that even the definition of the family itself is written into our legal system and that various laws explicitly govern family

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